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This event organized by CTAcademy, with the support of Cavalleria Toscana and RG Rider’s Gene, will share a modern vision of the Equestrian World. The panel will address five areas of expertise, examining and providing a general overview of the different specializations within this world: the Equestrian Sports, the Athlete Rider, the Athlete Horse, the Technical Training and the Equestrian Market.

“We want to provide equestrians with knowledge and skills to face the sport with competence and expertise. The Future of our World is in the evolution of the practice and the implementation of the system that revolves around the pair at 360°. Our vision is to make riders and horses real athletes, leading them in the Modern Era of Equestrian Sports”.

During the 3-day immersion, participants will attend lectures and training held by experts on all different disciplines part of each theme:

Equestrian Sports – meeting the top rider Lorenzo De Luca and finding out behind the scenes about his experience at the highest level in the Sport;

Technical Training – training with a top rider and two of the best international coaches on how to prepare horses for jumping proficiently;

Athlete Rider – learning about fundamental aspects important for his preparation: athletic training, mental coaching, nutrition, osteopathy and physiotherapy;

Athlete Horse – exploring new practices of horse’s athletic preparation and fitness, horsemanship, osteopathy, physiotherapy and care from an orthopedic perspective;

Equestrian Market – expanding the horizons in the business side of this world by understanding more about Sports Management and Luxury Business, Social Media Marketing and Sports Justice;

The experts, part of the CTAcademy technical team, will face every aspect in detail to share the acquired knowledge and define the new space for improvement in the Sport.

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