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Founded in 2008, the company was born from the desire to combine sportswear and elegance. Its unique, outstanding style made Cavalleria Toscana an international symbol of elegance in the equestrian sector. The brand’s success lies in its ability to provide performing products with a sophisticated design.

Thanks to its multi-year experience, Cavalleria Toscana developed technical solutions to create a luxury design that ensure the maximum comfort and breathability, in order to support and improve the athletic performance. This has definitely revolutionized the way riders live this sport.



From its foundation in 2003, Acavallo has quickly become a reference point for the equestrian sector, recognized at international level. In-depth professional knowledge of technical equipment and constant innovation are the benchmark of this company.

Combining its famous therapy gel with natural high-tech materials, Acavallo created a revolutionary selection of saddle pads, that ensure welfare and protection of the horse, in order to enhance athletic performances.

Acavallo’s main focus is always on the well-being of both horses and riders, and the entire production process is subjected to a rigorous quality control procedure. Every item is made of selected eco-sustainable leathers and the finest Italian materials that give a natural velvety touch.



In the heart of Lombardy, place of great equestrian tradition, RG Italy has been operating for twenty years specializing its business on high-quality horse equipment.
Its success on the market is the result of high qualified manufacturing, great quality of materials and excellent care for technical and esthetic aspects.
RG Italy offers its clients a customized service from the models to the materials and details in order to better satisfy their needs.



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