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Founded in 2008, the company was born from the desire to combine sportswear and elegance. Its unique, outstanding style made Cavalleria Toscana an international symbol of elegance in the equestrian sector. The brand’s success lies in its ability to provide performing products with a sophisticated design.


Thanks to its multi-year experience, Cavalleria Toscana developed technical solutions to create a luxury design that ensure the maximum comfort and breathability, in order to support and improve the athletic performance. This has definitely revolutionized the way riders live this sport.


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A watch brand, based in Lucca – Italy producing handcrafted and limited edition pieces, unique and bespoke, for more than 20 years, guaranteed by the finest Italian manufacturing, and all of them expression of its founder and designer, Italo Fontana. Identity, uniqueness, craftsmanship, together with “Made in Tuscany” factor and innovation are the main keywords of the brand. 


The watches, distinguished by the large crown on the left of the case, are created using advanced and unusual techniques and materials.

Famous all over the world, they have won the appreciation of many international celebrities and are distributed in 63 countries through an extensive network of retailers and single-brand stores.

Upon request, Italo Fontana has designed and produced watches for special forces, both Italian and international, such as GIS (Gruppo Interventi Speciali – Carabinieri), the NATO secret service, the 9th Col Moschin Regiment.

In parallel with U-BOAT, he has relaunched the historical brands, L. Kendall and Solar Aqua. Internationally renowned brands, such as S.T Dupont, have requested his advice and creativity for some special projects.

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In the heart of Lombardy, place of great equestrian tradition, RG Italy has been operating for twenty years specializing its business on high-quality horse equipment.

Its success on the market is the result of high qualified manufacturing, great quality of materials and excellent care for technical and esthetic aspects.


RG Italy offers its clients a customized service from the models to the materials and details in order to better satisfy their needs.

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With Seaver technology, you can monitor your horse’s health and adapt his training for a better daily follow-up of his physical condition and a preserved complicity. The horse is an athlete; like any sportsman, he can express his full potential when his training is adapted and his physical and mental integrity is respected.


Founded in 2016 by Zakaria Antar and Pierre-Yves Lalo, Seaver, a Paris-based startup, was born out of a desire to bring the technological advances that many sports benefit from to equestrian sports. Its team, made up of horse riding enthusiasts, is dedicated to providing constructive and educational assistance to riders and their entourage (coach, vets, osteopaths, grooms, …). It develops connected equipment for horses, as well as additional support consisting of equestrian exercises designed by professionals in the field and advice on the interpretation of the data collected.

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Brainchild of an ex-professional rugby player, THIRTY NINE’S philosophy to ‘make life better’ is built from shared experiences and a desire to constantly improve and deliver the unexpected.  


With the knowledge to redefine the benchmarks for fitness, nutrition and wellness, THIRTY NINE has everything you need to help you improve your quality of life. 

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