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Interview with Michael Pender

Tell us who you are…

Hi, I’m Mikey Pender, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Ireland.

Which horse have you brought?

Guido Franchi borrowed me one of their cause unfortunately I wasn’t able to transport mine here. Thank you Guido!

What you learned during the two-days training?

We learn a lot and the physical training was very good. Also, Scott in an unbepevable trainer, he focused on the basis of the riding, and then really concentrating on the straitness and in keeping the rhythm.

Which workshop did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the marketing class. It was interesting seeing the aspects of what people looking for and everything. Also, the nutrition lesson was interesting, understand what we should eat and the right timing.


Do you feel like an athlete?

I’m an athlete not maybe the best role model but I feel like I can improve.

Do you suggest to take part into the CTAcademy?

I definitely suggest this fantastic experience to everybody. Thanks for Young Riders Academy and Cavalleria Toscana for letting me this opportunity.

And finally…what’s you favorite song?

Dire Straits – New York.

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