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Iñigo Lopez De La Osa Franco participation in CTAcademy


Tell us who you are…

I’m Iñigo Lopez de la Osa Franco, I’m a Spanish rider and I’m 16 year old. I ride at my own stable in Ventimiglia. I’m the youngest student of the CTAcademy.

Which horse have you brought?

I’m here with a 9 years old grey horse, Ality des Carmilles. A young horse which jumped to 145. Together we made some 140 and some Grand Prix. My objective with him is to make him grow to a higher level.

How was your experience into the CTAcademy?

It’s been a memorable experience. Having the chance of being teached by a rider like Scott is just amazing. You can learn many things, excellent tips that can help us in the course.
Especially, I could learn a lot more about the flat work with my horse. Understanding details that can help me in my future as an equestrian such as how to maintain a good position, how keep the reins correctly, how to help my horse relax,..many details that can make the difference.



After this 3-day training, what did you learn apart from the riding?

In order to become a rider is not enough just being able to ride today so it was really important attending class about the physical training. Being in a good shape as riders, can help prevent injuries. Another important topic was the sport equine medicine. This lecture let us deepen our knowledge about the horse preparation, what our horse should eat and which vitamins he should receive, while the lawyer faced doping issues and risks.

Who would you suggest this experience?

Everybody. You can always learn something new, especially from a rider like Scott.

Are you an athlete?

Yes, I am and I hope to achieve the highest results into this sport.

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