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Interview with Guido Franchi

Tell us who you are…

I’m Guido Franchi, I’m 20 year old and I’m an Italian show-jumper in Siena at my family stable. I compete at international level and I participated to the Young Riders Academy in 2018.

Which horse have you brought?

I’m here with Halo, a seven years old mare. Together, we participated to Piazza di Siena in 2019.



How was your experience into the CTAcademy?

This first CTAcademy was a really nice experience. I’m honored to have had the chance of participating and I believe Scott is a great trainer as many top-level athlete are. He liked to teach us, giving use simple suggestions that can make a difference when in the course and ameliorate our equestrian technique.

After this 3-day training, what did you learn apart from the riding?

We attended some lectures on different topics and we made a physical training which is really important. When we ride we have to focus on the riding and having our body fit and prepared for our activity give us a competitive advantage. We did a small preparation with the CTLab trainer. We run and we received many suggestions on exercises that can help us achieving a better body shape.

Are you an athlete?

I’m working on it 😉

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