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January 2021


  1. These Regulations are drawn up in accordance with the articles of association and constitute the set of rules applied by CT Academy to regulate both the life and organization of the association and the correct use of the programs and sports facilities where its activities will be carried out.

  2. The rules governing activities should not be understood as restricting the freedom of those who wish to practice equestrian sport, but as rules that are aimed at allowing everyone to carry out sports and training activities in the most correct way and with respect for sport and civil coexistence.

  3. The Regulations may be subject to changes and/or additions.



The Academy is an educational project created with the aim of supporting the development and professional growth of modern riders and people passionate about equestrianism, thanks to an innovative and complete vision of the world of horseback riding that considers the functional training of Athletes as an integral part of horseback riding activities: a new approach to this sport, necessary to improve the physical condition of the rider and the horse, able to help achieve better results in the performance of the pair during training and competitions.

In addition to sport, this project aims to educate the athlete more comprehensively taking into consideration nutrition, mental coaching, sports management and marketing as key factors that can contribute effectively and synergistically to the professional development of the “rider” and to the planning, or consolidation, of a career in the field of horseback riding.

  • Vision: Be an athlete. Enjoy the sport.

  • Mission: Share a modern view of equestrian sports, training athletes to live them with awareness and skill.

  • Values: Constantly striving for innovation. Love for beauty and sport. Personal and professional growth.

  1. The organisational and functional structure of the Academy is as follows:

  2. Board of Directors: is the highest authority for the inclusion of athletes in the programmes, the operational management of activities and passing resolutions on the relevant regulations, the direction of equestrian activities and the methods regulating the attendance of programmes, as well as the application of disciplinary measures.

  3. General Manager (info@ctacademy.mc) is the coordinator of all operational activities, of the Collaborators and of the Employees, is the person responsible for the development of the CTAcademy project in its components; is the maximum direct contact in relations with customers, suppliers, sponsors, athletes and associates.

  4. Technical Director (info@ctacademy.mc) specialist technical figure (recognized by F.I.S.E.), is responsible for the implementation, customization and operation of the Training Programs, supervising the application of sports principles and regulations; verifies that athletes have been previously registered and joined, verifies the quality of the contents and the methods of delivery of training activities by the instruction body and experts in support of athletes, supervises the application of this regulation with regard to educational and sports activity. The technical director is the main technical point of contact for Athletes and those enrolled in training courses, with regard to teaching and also in general relating to any needs or problems that might arise in relation to schedules and/or Host Facilities. It oversees compliance with these Regulations in general.

  5. Marketing Manager: (info@ctacademy.mc) deals with the relationship with customers, the development of communication campaigns also in relation to the organisation of events and events, provides for the updating of the contents of the Institutional Site, the CLUB and the “Social Networks”



Anyone wishing to access a CTAcademy program is welcome. “ATHLETES” are defined as all “Members” of the CTAcademy CLUB, duly enrolled and qualified to attend sports training programs.

Athletes are divided into the following functional categories:

    1. Long-Term Professional Athletes: Riders over 14 years of age, who own or have the use of horses stabled at horse riding centres recognized by the organization and who follow the “complete” program of CTAcademy, which includes: 15 sessioni (minimo) di lezioni da un’ora comprensive di consulenza durante le gare programmate dal calendario gare di CTAcademy;

    2. 15 sessions (minimum) of one-hour lessons including counselling during the races scheduled by the CTAcademy race calendar,

    3. horse movement in case of absence

    4. reserved place in 2 training camps

    5. personal image development support

    6. identification as an “ambassador” of the CTAcademy’s long term programme;

    7. CTAcademy Merchandising Welcome Kit

    8. 35% discount on the management stores of Cavalleria Toscana SpA (E-Shop On-line and CT11)

    9. Annual Club Academy CLUB MEMBERSHIP

    10. Personalised advice: Mental Coach, Osteopath, sports masseur, athletic trainer, nutritionist, lawyer.

  1. Long-Term Advanced athletes: Riders over 14 years of age, who own or have the use of horses stabled at the horse riding centres recognized by the organization that follow the “personalized” program of CTAcademy and specific discounts related to membership.

  2. LONG-TERM team athletes: Riders over the age of 14, who follow a course of sports training and introduction to the world of work, assisting the organization in the activities planned by it. They own or have the use of horses stabled at the horse riding centers recognized by the organization that follow the CTAcademy program dedicated to them.

  3. Long-Term Base Athletes: Riders who own or have the use of horses stabled at the horse riding centres recognised by the organisation and who are followed by a CTAcademy instructor

  4. CTAcademy CLUB Members:are not dedicated to the planned training activities but in any case members of THE “CLUB CTAcademy” thanks to the (monthly or annual) membership on the platform of the official website www.ctacademy.mc

  5. CTAcademy Technicians: are Professionals qualified to teach, selected by the organization, or requested by the individual Athlete as external consultants. Only those who possess suitable qualifications or specializations recognized at European level, for the performance of the programmed activities, be qualify as CTAcademy Technicians.

  6. Hosting Facilities:are the Horse Racing Centres, the stables, the Equestrian Structures and others, in any case agreed with CT Academy SARL, for the provision of Long-Term and Training Camp training services, as well as for the performance of the other activities planned and organised by it on behalf of or through third parties. This name also includes conference facilities, tours, competitions and specialized centers where equestrian events and competitions take place for the various disciplines and levels.


The Board of Directors establishes annually the price lists and programs to be promoted, the discounts to be applied to customers, members of the Academy CLUB and attendees of the activities/programs promoted by CTAcademy or its partners.

In order to participate in the activities and programs of CT Academy (Long Term, Training Camp, etc.) it is necessary to be enrolled in the CTAcademy CLUB with a (monthly or annual) membership, which can be purchased via the portal www.ctacademy.mc

All those wishing to engage in equestrian activities must present the federal card of their country of origin and subscribe to the “guest” card of the reference federation, if the activities take place in a country that is not the athlete’s home nation, in order to ensure a basic insurance coverage, which may be accompanied by different supplementary forms.

It is also mandatory to submit medical documentation confirming that the athlete is fit for “Horseback riding” sports activity.

In the event a membership request is made during the year, club membership will be calculated in twelfths according to the remaining months in the year.

In the event of early termination of activities or programs (which must be communicated via a formal request made to the General Manager), unless otherwise agreed in writing, there is no provision for the reimbursement of the fees already paid for the relevant scheduled service.


The Board of Directors establishes annually the price lists and programs to be promoted, the discounts to be applied to customers, members of the Academy CLUB and attendees of the activities/programs promoted by CTAcademy or its partners.

In order to participate in the activities and programs of CT Academy (Long Term, Training Camp, etc.) it is necessary to be enrolled in the CTAcademy CLUB with a (monthly or annual) membership, which can be purchased via the portal www.ctacademy.mc<

All those wishing to engage in equestrian activities must present the federal card of their country of origin and subscribe to the “guest” card of the reference federation, if the activities take place in a country that is not the athlete’s home nation, in order to ensure a basic insurance coverage, which may be accompanied by different supplementary forms.

It is also mandatory to submit medical documentation confirming that the athlete is fit for “Horseback riding” sports activity.

In the event a membership request is made during the year, club membership will be calculated in twelfths according to the remaining months in the year.

In the event of early termination of activities or programs (which must be communicated via a formal request made to the General Manager), unless otherwise agreed in writing, there is no provision for the reimbursement of the fees already paid for the relevant scheduled service.



For a proper membership life, all Athletes who follow the programs or activities promoted by CTAcademy must collaborate in order to establish a climate of cordial friendship: everyone is urged to greet each other as a sign of respect and courtesy. Cleanliness and decorum are also a sign of mutual respect, so it is mandatory for all Athletes, any guests and employees not to litter or drop waste inside the host structures (access avenues, yards, green areas, stables and belongings) and to use the appropriate containers.


The Institutional Website www.ctacademy.mc provides a page via which the organization communicates all news to Club Members. In addition, the Secretariat will send communications by e-mail to all Members who have expressly subscribed to the CTacademy Newsletter.

Club Members may communicate with the facility via the address info@ctacademy.mc, while Athletes following the programs or activities may communicate with the employees using the emails: traningcamp@ctacademy.mc, longterm@ctacademy.mc or the personal emails of the respective managers referred to in Art.2 of these regulations.


Access to the Locations, the Horse Racing Centres and the host sports facilities is reserved for Members of the respective CLUBS/Circles, according to the respective seasonal schedules. Users of CTAcademy programs and activities must therefore independently enroll, at their own expense, with the respective CLUBS and sign up to use the facilities for the time necessary to carry out the relevant programs or scheduled activities.

The opening hours of the clubs and facilities as well as the Regulations adopted by the respective Centers, if not provided by the CTAcademy organization, must be requested by the athletes from the relevant secretary offices and duly complied with and respected.

CLUB Members and Athletes will have access to the internet portal “www.ctacademy.mc” and will be able to use the contents via a virtual “card”, with a personal identification code.


All Athletes attending the programs or activities must collaborate so as to ensure a relaxed, calm and friendly environment at the CLUB, to promote the establishment of such an environemnt, everyone is invited to respect the following fundamental rules:

  1. the attendees will have access to the places and facilities according to the criteria set out in this Regulation and must refrain from any conduct or actions that may undermine the health and well-being of horses stabled in the host facilities, even temporarily;

  2. the members must comply with the rules imposed by the host structures and the people who frequent them, avoiding profanity, shouting, noise and misbehaviour or any other action that is not suited to the decorum of the environment, albeit in a cheerful and jovial climate. This, in particular, protects minors and those who may be more sensitive or at risk;

  3. fields and facilities may not be used outside the days and times established and agreed with the Technical Director or the reference instructor

  4. members must not and will not be able to directly issue orders to the staff of the host structures or the Academy, or draft them. CTAcademy declines all responsibility for damage to people, property and animals resulting from the failure to comply with this obligation;

  5. members must not and will not be able to directly issue orders to the staff of the host structures or the Academy, or draft them. The CTAcademy organization will be careful to collect and process any reports or complaints, if at all through the General Manager who will oversee the necessary investigations and take the consequent action;<

  6. while constructive suggestions aimed at improving the quality of service and the sense of belonging to the sports community will be welcomed and appreciated, any denigrating attitudes or complaints that, beyond merit, were intended to or did damage the peaceful coexistence and collaboration environment will be treated as a violation of the general rules of conduct;

  7. all Athletes must be in compliance with the payments for the services requested, under penalty of automatic default and suspension of the same (see point 4.7);

  8. it is forbidden to cause damage to premises, plants, furniture, plants, equipment and any property constituting the assets of the Host Facilities or the Academy; any damage due to fault, wilful misconduct, negligence or carelessness will be charged to the perpetrators;

  9. it is strictly forbidden to use the membership position to sell goods and/or services to CLUB members or third parties, unless expressly authorised in writing by the General Manager;

  10. supplements and medicines may be used by Athletes directly and under their personal responsibility. Medicines may only be held within the Host Facilities if accompanied by a medical or veterinary prescription. Any non-compliant Athlete shall assume all responsibility for the case in the event of inspections by the relevant Authorities;

  11. athletes and members must comply with the obligations referred to in Art. 9 when carrying out educational activities.


If there are reasons for conflict between the Athletes or between them and the instructors, or violations of the rules of conduct, reports must be forwarded to the General Manager by sending a reasoned email with the subject: “reporting conduct that is not compliant with the regulations”.

The same procedure must be used in the case it is ascertained that an Athlete’s conduct breaches the Regulations of the Host Facilities or the Rules of the Federations relating to the host countries.

The above reports will only be allowed for adult Athletes who are members of the CTAcademy CLUB or through those exercising parental responsibility for minor Athletes.

Upon receiving any such report and after duly investigating, the Board of Directors may take a position and adopt the relevant measures, including disciplinary.


Conduct that breaches these regulations, is unsporting or infringes the regulations of the Equestrian Federations in force in the host facilities, may be punished and sanctioned with motivated measures, further to being duly investigated and guaranteeing the right of reply and defense of the interested party. Sanctions may vary in nature and will be proportionate to the seriousness of the relevant breach:

  • verbal or written warning

  • pecuniary sanction ranging from €100.00 to €300.00 This sanction may be imposed by the Board of Directors if the intent or repetition of the breach is ascertained and is institutionally aimed at reimbursing the expenses incurred for the investigations.

  • expulsion as a result of events held to be very serious at the unquestionable judgment and evaluation of the Board of Directors, which must in any case give a reasonable period of notice for the expulsion.


Failure to pay the services and programs, as well as the membership fees of CTAcademy, within the terms agreed or provided for in this Regulation, as well as the non-payment of the services, the membership fees of the Host Facilities and suppliers (e.g. veterinary surgeon, farrier, etc.) introduced by the host organization or centers, constitutes a “serious breach” in relation to which the following procedure shall apply:

  • the defaulting member (i.e. defaulting on payments due for more than 10 days, regardless of any notice or warning) may be suspended from attending the programs and activities, as well as from the benefits related to club membership or the higher discounts provided for by the relevant programs.

  • on the 30th day of arrears on CTAcademy services, this circumstance will be reported to CTAcademy’s host structures for appropriate measures, on the contrary, on the 30th day of arrears on services or goods provided by the host structures or suppliers introduced, this circumstance will result in the unjustified suspension of the programs provided by CT Academy.

  • in the case of stabling horses of the defaulting member at the Host Facilities, these will continue to be kept in compliance with the needs and decorum of the animal, but with a surcharge of 50% compared to the current price in relation to the chosen stabling service. This overcharge, established as a default indemnity, will be due until the total recovery of the debt, including the default procedure;

  • On the 30th day, animal retention procedures will also be commenced as a guarantee, in addition to procedures to protect the interests of CTAcademy or Host Facilities in every location.



Athletes who seek insurance coverage for theft or damage to property or animals must procure such coverage themselves.

Aside from any case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, CTAcademy cannot be held responsible for the following events:

  1. theft, loss or damage to animals, clothing, trimmings, saddles, objects, means of transport, etc., neither in the areas of the Host Facilities affiliated with it, nor in competitions or off-site events;

  2. damage that may result to the horse during parking in the Hospital Facilities, as well as during equestrian activity and during training, treatment and handling operations, nor consequent to medical and pharmacological treatment, either as a result of veterinary prescriptions or in the event of emergencies;

  3. physical damage incurred by Athletes during the equestrian and training activities planned in the host facilities or in external competitions;

  4. physical damage to persons present during scheduled activities for any reason;

  5. members engaged in equestrian activity, as members with the equestrian Federation relating to the host nation, are covered by the basic insurance of the Federation, which tends to cover only permanent illnesses due to injury and death. This basic insurance does not cover the daily subsistence allowance and medical treatment, except for the insurance extensions subscribed by riders with the same Federations. By accepting these regulations, the Athlete indemnifies CTAcademy SARL from any liability by being informed and aware of, or by considering the insurance offer of the reference Equestrian Federations and related coverage to be adequate.

  1. CT Academy, further to a Board of Directors’ resolution, reserves the right to request the compensation of damage caused by horses owned inside the boxes and stables (feeders, drinkers, pit doors, windows, etc.) of the Host Facilities

  2. If a minor rides their horse independently and not as part of activities or lessons, which is forbidden (see art. 9.4 below), the parent of the minor rider will be held directly responsible for any damage caused to persons, animals or property, as well as any damage or injury suffered by said rider.

  3. Each Athlete or user of the training services is personally responsible for their behaviour and must always refrain from performing exercises or activities (even if requested by a technician of the organization), if they do not feel psychophysically fit for the safe performance of the requested/planned performance, and are personally responsible for the psychophysical condition of the horse they are riding.



The service of stabling and membership in the Host Facilities is managed and contracted directly between the Athletes and the Host Facilities. The Athlete must therefore adapt to the specific rules of coexistence and provisions provided for by the relevant centre Regulations, guaranteeing CTAcademy (which represents as A CLUB Member and attendee of the programs) that they are informed of and will comply with all such rules


The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the location of long-term planned activities (Long-Term) or events (Training Camp) at any time. In that case (providing at least 30 days’ notice), horses and Athletes will required to be transferred to a different Agreed Facility. The transfer must be carried out, at the expense of the Athlete (except in the event that the new location is at a distance greater than 100 km from the scheduled one) in the time necessary for the continuation of the activities.

The organization is not, however, responsible for the transfer of Athletes, early terminations for any rents or higher costs for new accommodation contracts near the new host office.


The care of horses will be entrusted, at the care and expense of athletes or horse owners, to farriers and external veterinarians who must operate at times such as not to hinder training activities.

In any case, all professionals used for the care of animals must be authorised in advance by the Technical Director of CTAcademy to allow them to enter the Host Facility by their own means, also for the purpose of transporting the equipment and tools necessary for the performance of their services.

Failure by Athletes to pay professional services constitutes a serious breach of this Regulation (Sub. Art. 4.7).



The Host Facilities offer facilities for every equestrian discipline: paddocks, sand riding stables, indoor riding stables, walkers, carousel. The riding stable and sports facilities may be used by Athletes, individually or in groups, according to an availability calendar managed by the Technical Director of CTAcademy. This calendar will be shared monthly (including by posting on the physical or digital bulletin board) the last week before the start of the month of validity. In addition, this calendar will be sent by e-mail to those who expressly request it.

The feasibility of the systems is defined by the Technical Management of CTAcademy, in agreement with the Management of the Host Facility.


All riders must comply with the following rules governing the use of the systems and equipment:

  1. athletes may use the facilities and fields only if requested by their instructor

  2. riders entering the riding stable or obstacle course are required to greet those present;

  3. the orders of the instructor or the oldest rider must be strictly observed;

  4. insufficiently trained or restless horses must not be mounted;

  5. riders are required to respect the relevant start time as defined in the monthly planning for the use of the systems;

  6. no hand-held horse shall be allowed to stand in the riding stable or jumping course while waiting for the rider;

  7. a ripresa iniziata nessun cavallo tenuto a mano potrà sostare in maneggio o nel campo ostacoli in attesa del cavaliere;

  8. in covered riding stables or in fields you must always work with the hand ordered by the instructor or by the oldest rider, or conform to the gait of all those present;

  9. ccarousels and walkers may be used if reserved in advancefor sessions of up to 30 minutes for each horse;

  10. the members of the Facility and the Athletes must use their locker rooms;

  11. no person (except athletes and instructors) or animal (even if kept on a leash) may stand inside the riding stable or jumping course whilst the horses are at work;

  12. The horse movement carried out by the CTAcademy organization will be planned weekly. Unless required due to health reasons or force majeure, anyone who needs to be part of a confirmed plan will have to pay an extra €50 per horse to be managed without due notice.


CTAcademy, under the direction of the Reference Technician, provides one or more Instructors qualified in the didactic-sports activity for the basic training support of riders attending the affiliated Host Facilities.< Basic or external Athletes who request access or upgrade to a specific CTAcademy program, must communicate it via a specific procedure on the institutional website www.ctacademy.mc, in order to evaluate the inclusion.< The organization also provides a series of specialized experts, doctors and professionals chosen by CTAcademy for the physical and mental support of the Athlete in order to support his sports and personal growth at 360°. Personalised advice provided by CTAcademy technicians: Mental Coach, Osteopath, Sports Massager, Athletic Preparator, Nutritionist, Lawyer, etc.
  • Lesson means the teaching and support activity directed by the organization to Athletes with the constant presence in the field of the same and the instructor. The lesson may be conducted with one or more Athletes at the instructor’s discretion.

  • Athletes must be Members of the CTAcademy CLUB (in addition to the Host Facility). Instructors are expressly prohibited from giving lessons to non-members of the CLUB, otherwise they will be immediately ejected.

  • The lessons will take place through the use of the fields and structures of the Host Facilities, according to the defined schedules and methods.

  • Everyone, Athletes and instructors, must respect the class schedule:

    • the pairing means on the pitch at least 5 minutes before the start of the step by step lesson;

    • any deferral, must take into account the needs already booked and scheduled..

    • In case of impossibility, both of the Athlete and of the instructor, the lessons booked must be cancelled strictly by 18:00 the day before the lesson, under penalty of disciplinary sanction (Sub. Art. 4.6)

  • Visits or meetings are personal meetings organized through an appointment either directly or remotely with doctors, professionals or other experts specialized in areas parallel to horseback riding (e.g. Mental Coach, Osteopath, sports massager, athletic trainer, nutritionist, lawyer, etc.)

  • All Athletes must respect the scheduled appointments by arriving at the venue at least 5 minutes in advance. In case of impossibility, the meeting must be cancelled strictly by 18:00 the previous day, under penalty of disciplinary sanction (Sub. Art. 4.6)

  • It is absolutely forbidden for anyone to disturb the Instructors during the course of the lessons. Permission must always be requested to enter the field, even if there are riders in operation. Athletes are forbidden from entering the field once lessons have begun unless authorised by the instructor who, at their sole discretion, may prohibit the late Athlete from joining.

  • A proper riding helmet and the use of decent clothing suitable for equestrian sports (preferably CTAcademy partner brands) are mandatory. It is necessary to be in possession of the Federation card that the Host Structure provides and renews annually, after carrying out the appropriate checks and collecting the membership fee and the expenses due for membership.

  • Suggestions and advice from third parties and riders during the course of activities are strictly forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to enter the section after the start of any activity unless authorised by the instructor. No person may enter the riding stables during activities, unless authorised by the instructor.

  • For minors, permission to ride from their parents or their guardians is implicit in the registration process.

  • Junior Athletes will never ride on horseback with expired or non-renewed Federation authorization. In this case, the instructor who allowed this serious breach and followed the Athlete who committed it will be punished.

  • Junior Athletes will never be able to ride a horse without an instructor present. In any case, the Instructor is responsible for minor Athletes who own horses exclusively during the course of the lesson, and parents exercising parental authority are obliged to supervise the minor in the activity of governing the horse, the preparatory activity and after the lesson.

  • If the minor, in breach of the rules, mounts the horse independently outside the lessons agreed with the instructor, the person exercising parental authority will be held responsible.


The instructors and specialized experts must be in possession of adequate qualifications recognized for the performance of the activity managed by it and with the relative annual updates provided. They shall be coordinated by the Director-General on the basis of this Regulation.

The Technical Director of CTAcademy in particular will::

  • draw up a weekly lesson schedule on a specific “weekly lesson schedule” form “ ;

  • timely record the lessons carried out on the appropriate register “register of weekly lessons carried out

  • also through the instructors, check the routine cleaning and maintenance of the saddles and harnesses used for lessons, informing the Athlete or the relevant person the need to procure repairs or replacements; The maintenance in perfect efficiency of equestrian equipment is an important element for the safety of Athletes, and therefore of the good name of CTAcademy. For this reason, the Technical Director will monitor this element by promptly notifying the Chairman of any discrepancies;

  • to ensure the correct saddling and drying of the horses;

  • to verify the correct performance of their planned activity (or that of other instructors), indicating in the weekly calendar the type of the individual lessons;

  • to report any violation of the rules of these Regulations to the Steering Committee;

  • to assist Athletes in their sporting activities and in coordination with other CTAcademy specialist experts;


Firmly convinced that events and competitions are an important part of practicing equestrian sports, it is an integral part of the corporate purpose of CTAcademy to organize events aimed at the training of modern riders together with the world-renowned Top Riders, in addition to participating in events and equestrian competitions of international importance through the Athletes attending the Long-Term Professional, Advanced and Team programs of CTAcademy.

  1. The Technical Director, through the organization and thanks to the support of the Secretariat of Host Facilities, will provide for the registration of Athletes at the jointly established events, submitting the relative request for the completion of the registration procedures “registration for events” and will accompany the Athletes themselves for the duration of the sporting event. If the Technical Director cannot be present, then with the prior written approval of the General Management, he/she will be replaced by another instructor with the same qualifications.

  2. Upon receipt of the necessary forms, the Secretariat of the Host Structure or CTAcademy’s own organisation will electronically register Athletes at the various events, or in the manner established by the organisation.

  3. Requests must be received at least 7 working days before registration is closed.

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