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Shared regulatory protocol to combat and contain the spread of the COVID 19 virus




CT-Academy is a training project dedicated to the equestrian world which aims to carry out training courses that allow athletes from all over the world to train with top level champions. The next CT-Academy Training Camp will see Lorenzo De Luca and the CT-Lab team teaching a group of 12 riders during a three-day training program that will take place at the Centro Ippico Toscano in Florence. Together with the practical horse-riding training managed by the Italian top rider, the participants will follow workshops and lessons on mental coaching, equine sports medicine, nutrition, marketing and management, equestrian law and osteopathy (CT-Lab team). This document was drawn up in order to regulate the internship in compliance with the current legislation DPCM of 24/10/2020 for the containment of the Covid-19 virus during these days.


The organization of CT-Academy, through the most suitable and effective methods, has informed all workers and will inform anyone who enters the Centro Ippico Toscano about the provisions of the Authorities, delivering and/or posting at the entrance and in the most visible places of the premises, special information brochures .

  1. In particular, the information concerns:
     the obligation to stay at home in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms and to call your family doctor and health authority;
  2. the awareness and acceptance of the fact of not being able to enter or being able to remain in the center and having to declare it promptly where, even after entry, dangerous conditions exist (symptoms of flu, temperature, origin from areas risk or contact with people positive to the virus in the previous 14 days, etc) in which the Authority’s measures require you to inform the family doctor and the Health Authority and to stay at home;
  3. the commitment to comply with all the provisions of the Authorities and management in accessing the Equestrian Center (in particular, keep a safe distance, observe the rules of hand hygiene and behave correctly in terms of hygiene);
  4. the commitment to promptly and responsibly inform the management of the presence of any flu symptoms during the performance of the activities, taking care to remain at an adequate distance from the people present.


The organization has ensured adequate information on the basis of the tasks and training contexts with particular reference to the set of measures adopted which the staff of both staff and learners must comply with in particular on the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment – as masks and gloves) to contribute to prevent any possible form of spread of contagion.


In order to regulate this activity, Annex number 12 of DPCM 24/10/2020 was used in the regulation of professional training, by operational analogy.


  • The activities will be carried out over a period of 3 days from 2 to 4 November.
    Athletes will have a shuttle to travel from the partner hotel (Cosmopolitan hotel in Florence) to the Centro Ippico Toscano where all the training activities relating to the program defined by the management will take place.
  • The area identified as a training area was identified in the clubhouse of the Equestrian Center and was set up with chairs and desks, organized maintaining a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between them in order to increase the minimum distances provided. The position in the classroom of the teacher’s desk was organized with a distance of more than 2 meters from the first desks of the athletes.
  • Athletes and teachers must register at the entrance of the facility where their body temperature will be measured and where they will have to sanitize their hands with a special hydroalcoholic solution before accessing it.
  • During the movements within the structure all participants must always keep the mask.
  • The material delivered for the activities and the welcome kit will be for exclusive use and will be delivered in a sealed envelope to each student.
  • Within the training process there are practical tests and individual physical tests that will take place exclusively outdoors. Regarding this point, the organization will prepare the spaces, paying attention to social distancing. Where it is not possible to ensure the distances, the protective mask will always be used.
  • The showers will not be active at the center, the athletes will be accompanied to the hotel for refreshment and use of the shower after sports activities.


The athletes will have lunch at the restaurant of the Centro Ippico Toscano which follows the anti-contagion protocol generated for their own and autonomous activity. Inside the structure there is also a bar always managed by the Center and which follows the same protocol.


The sporting activity will take place in compliance with specific protocols, it will be carried out exclusively outdoors and in individual form always respecting the distances.

The equipment that can be used in a non-exclusive form will be sanitized after each use by the technical staff in charge (external sports club).
With regard to the shower , the contents of point 2 apply.


The organization ensures the daily cleaning and sanitization of the premises within its competence, the environments, the training stations, these interventions will be noted on a special registration form.Sanitation is carried out at the end of each day by the internal staff or by the personnel of the Centro Ippico Toscano. The cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces is therefore guaranteed with suitable sanitizers based on alcohol (ethanol) at 70% or chlorine based at 0.1% (bleach), in the areas of its competence.
The sanitation of the restaurant , the toilets and the parts and equipment that do not concern the educational activities will be the responsibility of the manager of the premises.
For practical activities, the sanitation of the equipment owned by the technicians (teachers) will be managed independently by them.


It is mandatory that the people present in the center take all hygienic precautions, especially for the hands.
The organization has made available suitable hand cleansing means.Frequent hand washing with soap and water is recommended.
The organization has made available a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser for hand sanitization at the entrance; there are also bottles of hydroalcoholic gel for hand sanitization in the areas provided for the activities.


During the training activity in the classroom, if not seated, it is compulsory to use PPE as masks and to maintain, where possible, the interpersonal distance of at least 1 m.

The obligation also extends to the indoor common areas.


In the event that a person present develops fever and symptoms of respiratory infection such as cough, he must immediately report this to the organizational technical director , and his isolation must proceed according to the provisions of the health authority and that of others present from the premises, the academy immediately proceeds to notify the competent health authorities and the emergency numbers for COVID-19 provided by the Region or the Ministry of Health.
The organization collaborates with the health authorities for the definition of any “close contacts” of a person present who has been found positive for the COVID-19 swab. This is in order to allow the authorities to apply the necessary and appropriate quarantine measures. During the investigation period, the organization may ask any possible close contacts to leave the internship as a precaution, according to the indications of the Health Authority.


The protocol requires normal cleaning with soap and water daily and then periodically sanitizing the work environment (with the aid of protective PPE). For disinfection with respect to this specific virus, the Ministry of Health recommends that the premises / environments are:

  • disinfected with disinfectants containing 70% alcohol (ethanol) or 0.1% chlorine based (bleach);
  • ventilate often with the opening of windows and a check / check of any aeration / ventilation and humidity systems is carried out;


We report the recommendations published by the Istituto Superiore Sanità (Iss):

Air exchange

  1. Ensure good air exchange in all environments
  2.  Regularly open the windows, choosing those furthest away from busy streets.
  3. Don’t leave windows open at night.
  4. Optimize the opening according to the activities carried out.


  1. Before using cleaning products, read the instructions carefully and respect the recommended dosages on the packaging (see hazard symbols on the labels).
  2. Clean the various environments, materials and furnishings using soap and water and/or 70% ethyl alcohol and/or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite. In all cases, cleaning must be carried out with gloves and / or personal protective equipment.
  3. Do not mix cleaning products, especially those containing bleach or ammonia with other products. Both during and after the use of cleaning and sanitizing products, ventilate the rooms.
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