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Discover how to participate to the #Challenge!

In order to apply to the #CTAcademy #Challenge and win one of the three wildcards for the Training Camp with Marcus Ehning, you have to follow the following instructions.
The challenge is articulated in one application via Instagram Carousel with two videos in which the participant will show his riding skills (1st video) and athletic skills (2nd video).


  1. Film yourself while executing the two exercises made by the CTAcademy technical team for this challenge especially.
  2. Post in your Instagram Feed and, through the Carousel feature, 2 videos: 1 for your riding test and 1 for your athletic test.
  3. Tag in the post the official account @ctacademy_official and hashtag #CTAcademyTrainingCamp.
    Make sure your Instagram account is set to ”public”.

Applications can be submitted between the 7th and 20th of February. All applications submitted later than the 20th will be considered invalid.

Upon the two tests executions, the CTAcademy technical team will reserve the right to select 3 riders to which gift a wildcard for entering the PRO camp with Marcus Ehning.
The winners will be contacted via Instagram Direct on February 21st.


The Challenge is open to any rider older than 14 years old and residing anywhere in the world so everybody can enter from anywhere in the world just remember that the travel expenses are not covered by CTAcademy.
CTAcademy will cover only the training camp expenses and the hospitality cost for the horse.
CTAcademy won’t cover any transportation cost for the horse, any transportation cost for the rider and any hospitality cost for the rider.
Athletes under the age of 18 years old will need a supervisor to attend the training camp.
In case the rider is not able to bring his/her own horse, he/she can be put in contact with a company in place who can rent him/her one. The cost for the horse rent will be given upon quotation.
Everybody can enter the challenge from everywhere in the world just remember that the travel expenses are not covered by CTAcademy.
All training camp classes will be held in English so participants will need to have a minimum knowledge of the language.

For any further information, you can contact us at info@ctacademy.it.

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