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Training Camp

Interview with Guido Franchi

Tell us who you are…

I’m Guido Franchi, I’m 20 year old and I’m an Italian show-jumper in Siena at my family stable. I compete at international level and I participated to the Young Riders Academy in 2018.

Which horse have you brought?

I’m here with Halo, a seven years old mare. Together, we participated to Piazza di Siena in 2019.



How was your experience into the CTAcademy?

This first CTAcademy was a really nice experience. I’m honored to have had the chance of participating and I believe Scott is a great trainer as many top-level athlete are. He liked to teach us, giving use simple suggestions that can make a difference when in the course and ameliorate our equestrian technique.

After this 3-day training, what did you learn apart from the riding?

We attended some lectures on different topics and we made a physical training which is really important. When we ride we have to focus on the riding and having our body fit and prepared for our activity give us a competitive advantage. We did a small preparation with the CTLab trainer. We run and we received many suggestions on exercises that can help us achieving a better body shape.

Are you an athlete?

I’m working on it 😉

Neri Pieraccini on the CTAcademy Training Camp

Tell us who you are…

I’m Neri Pieraccini, I’m 19 years old and I’m an Italian show-jumper. I come from Rome but at the age of 14, I moved to Belgium to pursue my dream of becoming a professional rider.

Which horse have you brought?

I’m here with Adamo, an 8 years old horse. Together we jumped to a class of 135. He’s a good horse.

What did you learn during the two-days training?

We participated in class about different topics. We made physical training with Costantino (the CTLab trainer). Apart from the sport, we attended a marketing lesson about social media which gave us an interesting perspective of how we should promote ourselves as riders.



Did you enjoy riding training?

It was an amazing experience with Scott Brash. He helped us a lot and he gave me personally some tips that none ever told me before. This pleased me and I’m going to work on them for sure.

Today being a good rider only is no longer enough. What gave you participating in educational training?

Of course, the things to understand and learn are many. As Scott says you can always learn at any level in this sport. You can learn from anybody and you need to stay humble.

Are you an athlete?

Yes, I am. I think the technical training and preparation is underestimated in our sport. I don’t do anything myself but during this CTAcademy I learned how important it is and we should take care more about it.

Would you suggest participating to the CTAcademy?

Yes, of course, it’s been an amazing experience. I’d suggest everybody to participate!

Interview with Michael Pender

Tell us who you are…

Hi, I’m Mikey Pender, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Ireland.

Which horse have you brought?

Guido Franchi borrowed me one of their cause unfortunately I wasn’t able to transport mine here. Thank you Guido!

What you learned during the two-days training?

We learn a lot and the physical training was very good. Also, Scott in an unbepevable trainer, he focused on the basis of the riding, and then really concentrating on the straitness and in keeping the rhythm.

Which workshop did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the marketing class. It was interesting seeing the aspects of what people looking for and everything. Also, the nutrition lesson was interesting, understand what we should eat and the right timing.


Do you feel like an athlete?

I’m an athlete not maybe the best role model but I feel like I can improve.

Do you suggest to take part into the CTAcademy?

I definitely suggest this fantastic experience to everybody. Thanks for Young Riders Academy and Cavalleria Toscana for letting me this opportunity.

And finally…what’s you favorite song?

Dire Straits – New York.

Iñigo Lopez De La Osa Franco participation in CTAcademy


Tell us who you are…

I’m Iñigo Lopez de la Osa Franco, I’m a Spanish rider and I’m 16 year old. I ride at my own stable in Ventimiglia. I’m the youngest student of the CTAcademy.

Which horse have you brought?

I’m here with a 9 years old grey horse, Ality des Carmilles. A young horse which jumped to 145. Together we made some 140 and some Grand Prix. My objective with him is to make him grow to a higher level.

How was your experience into the CTAcademy?

It’s been a memorable experience. Having the chance of being teached by a rider like Scott is just amazing. You can learn many things, excellent tips that can help us in the course.
Especially, I could learn a lot more about the flat work with my horse. Understanding details that can help me in my future as an equestrian such as how to maintain a good position, how keep the reins correctly, how to help my horse relax,..many details that can make the difference.



After this 3-day training, what did you learn apart from the riding?

In order to become a rider is not enough just being able to ride today so it was really important attending class about the physical training. Being in a good shape as riders, can help prevent injuries. Another important topic was the sport equine medicine. This lecture let us deepen our knowledge about the horse preparation, what our horse should eat and which vitamins he should receive, while the lawyer faced doping issues and risks.

Who would you suggest this experience?

Everybody. You can always learn something new, especially from a rider like Scott.

Are you an athlete?

Yes, I am and I hope to achieve the highest results into this sport.

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